Women wear Western-style dresses in many colors, patterns, and fabrics. He constructed profitable trading posts that reached deep into Central Africa. Kids singing for Maulidi – Lamu Kenya. Men enjoy a heat sensation after which they feel completely invigorated. Dating is generally non-existent.

waswahili pengo

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Sweet tea with milk see accompanyig recipe is served several times a day. He was famously known as Tippu Tib after an eye disease which made him blind. The leaves are soaked in hot water prior to applying them, which opens up the pores and relieves fatigue after giving birth, sport injuries and exhaustion. Swahili people are as likely to greet one another with the Arabic greeting Asalaam Aleikhum as they are to say Jambo, the common KiSwahili greeting.

Used for several millenaries for its dying proprieties, the henna became famous for the temporary brownish tattoos it allows to make harmlessly on the skin.

Dressing well but modestly is highly valued.

waswahili pengo

Swahili, like all Muslims, are prohibited from eating pork or drinking alcohol. Cleopatra and Nefertiti are known for having used henna and in Egyptian beliefs, it was part of the afterlife journey preparation, since it has been discovered on several mummies’ toenails by archeologists.

The result is a coarse, warming scrub, leaving penvo energized and fresh. If you want to try something different, head over to Mrembo in Stone Town for a Zanzibari experience. On Pemba, couples scrub each other at the same time; men rub their beloved with singo, while women use the invigorating clove based scrub known as vidonge for their husband. Kids singing for Maulidi – Lamu Kenya. Nowadays many places unfortunately use the very aggressive piko which has absolutely nothing to do with natural henna and is actually nothing more than hair dye.


Swahili woman with a traditional braids. Spas are popping up across the island in the hotels often run by Thai therapists, offering a dizzying choice of treatments.

Each Eid is celebrated by praying, visiting relatives and neighbors, and eating special foods and sweets. Men enjoy a heat sensation after which they feel completely invigorated. People who know each other exchange a string of greetings inquiring about the health of family members and the latest news.

PENGO – WASWAHILI BY NATURE by Muziki Muziki Bongo | Free Listening on SoundCloud

Women are encouraged to congregate at home, while men spend time in public places. Swahili Christians at a church,Mombasa,Kenya.

Swahili men in chains as slaves,Zanzibar, The streets of Lamu are very narrow, so there are no cars, only donkeys to carry everything! It is made from the remains of clove stems and buds, after they have been distilled to make clove oil. A more superstitious tradition waswahipi henna averts malevolent spirits and the so-called Evil eye in Africa, the Arabian peninsula and the Levant.



Waswahili -Pengo

The members of one clan from northern Kenya observe a taboo on eating fish. Birthday parties, increasingly popular, include eating cake, disco dancing, and opening presents. A Swahili wedding is filled with rituals designed to beautify the bride and heighten the senses.

Singo is prepared by Swahili women; it is a magically scented mix of different flowers like fresh Jasmin, Kilua, Ylang Ylang flowers and rose petals combined with cloves and sandalwood. They can make decisions for wives and daughters and compel them to behave properly to preserve the family’s honor. Swahili massage treatments include hot sand massage and kukandwa. Swahili people greatly value modest behavior. Waswahilii the early twentieth century, women generally wore brightly colored cotton cloths kanga or leso.

Graduation ceremonies mark a young person’s educational progress.

waswahili pengo

On Fridays the Muslim day of restor other religious occasions, they wear long, white caftans. Lamu Swahili woman With nice henna designs!