If you are doing business with T3DS I strongly suggest you read the article bellow. Jul 7, Posts: Wondering if anyone else has had dealings with this brokerage site; and also a warning to anyone thinking of selling their models at this site be warned that you may find yourself in the same situation as I am in and not have your royalties paid. No part of this website may be reproduced unless for personal use without prior written permission from The CGarchitect Digital Media Corp. The time now is


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Sign up to receive weekly tech and creative know-how from Unity experts. I have been trying the3dxtudio get my royalty payments out of them since January this year tue3dstudio success.

Now you know not to sign anything but a proper agreement with things like a breach of contract clause, termination of contract etc. The only solution is the new Squidbridge program developed by TS for people in my situation and there are many.

Most contracts don’t do this and the contract is terminated upon sale of the company or copyright. The time now is Cgdigest – a blog with free 3d models, textures and more http: Anyone selling their models at www.


Experience selling from

By mangalore in forum Hardware and Technical Discussions. I noticed the same thing last year, I have a handful of models on there.


CGschool provides online training courses for architectural visualization artists. June 22nd, AstraukJun 18, Apr 25, Posts: That having been said, given you are not locked to them why not just sell through Turbo Squid also? June 20th, 5.

At least none I can see. Share Share this post on Digg Del. August 5th, It has something to do with tax purposes if I want to sell my models there or something.

Experience selling from ? – Unity Forum

You will find all the details of my experience with them along with what other sellers and even family members-former team members of the site feel about the way Matt Anderson and his mother operate the site nowadays: I believe there is a gov website which will generate one for you if you thd3dstudio self-employed.

When that happens in our own store, we eat those costs as it’s the3dstuio cost of doing business.


I’m not a lawyer obviously, but it’s highly unlikely they are going to sue you for removing the models. It does not matter if you are going into business with your best friend or someone you’ve known and trusted for 20 years. Improved Prefab workflow includes Nested Prefabs! I did not know they had that special program in place.



Long story short, nowadays the site is being operated only by Matt Anderson and his mother incredible, but true. What is the reason they give for asking for it? Esemkay Esemkay October 10th, the3dstusio, Explore the Project Tiny Preview today!

After taking a quick look at what they are offering and the prices they are chargingI suspect their start up funding is running out and they are having trouble paying the rent.

CoatlGamesJun 30, Watch the overview now. I would also not have signed something that carries on with the sale of the copyright either.