Or do you think it’s a custom job? Patricia, I only used html body text as an example supporting my point 1 concerning “availability”. A font is a specific size and style of a face, like Garamond 12 point plain. Yep, amongst the bunch are the Koala and the Tropez. Messages, big ideas, careful details, second-guessing, refinements and revisions, anonymity: We want to be able to design the site and be able to set it up and see what most people are going to see.

badhousebold font

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Um, “handwritten” fonts are crap. I just spec’d Badhouse Bold for some video game packaging and it about killed me. Please don’t set type on a PC.

But, come on, the game is about zombies, what was I supposed to use, Bodoni? For Massimo, this was an ideological choice, an ethical imperative.

Sometimes a typeface is already living on the premises when you show up, and it just seems mean to evict it.

batik bold () – Abstract Fonts

bqdhousebold To add to the discussion, I have often dared my students to make an original design using a Neville Bsdhousebold Typeface. Those thousands of typefaces are still out there, but my recovery has required that I become more discriminating and come up with some answers to this seemingly simple question: I used a typeface that was designed by a woman and named after another, Zuzana Licko’s Mrs.


Known throughout the world for its eclectic font collections and far-reaching creative exploits, the foundry has been a standard-bearer for American graphic design for 25 years. You should know about that situation before going about implementing sIFR in the first place.


It’s great to hear someone give virtual voice to all the wacky reasons I have for using various fonts. The good thing is branding is not just bahdousebold font. At least I think it was hidden. Maybe one of you guys knws theanswer to this: Brody would not want to take credit for Some typefaces are just perfect for certain things.

John Norman from Colorado said, “What font does this piece need? One point you dont badhousebolr and I see too often is “Because the font was born in my computer when I bought it” Seriously, I could not imagine Vignelli today designing a label for a mayonesse to be sell in a big market with at least 50 different brands using just 5 fonts.

badhousebold font

Everyone and their dog has it. For the first ten years of my career, I worked for Massimo Vignelli, a designer who is legendary for using a very limited number of typefaces.

Badhouse (Bold) – Font Preview, Details, Download

I claim that it is not possible. When it comes to headlines of an article, there should be no excuses for not using the typeface you want. David, your reason 1 might hold true for web design, but that’s only a piece of the pie. Can I add a 14th reason? Gont partner Abbott Miller had a period of life he calls “The Scala Years” when he used that typeface almost exclusively. We at Sudtipos decided to have focus on the concept to make the type more human, specially when the designer has so little time to have a design done and not too many skill to do the work by hand.


Then the little voice says, wouldn’t that be the perfect font for ClientX? Here are thirteen reasons. I just love it when I come across a piece that uses Helvetica in a fresh way.

badhousebold font

I work in print where availability is a non-issue. This is the best essay I’ve read on this blog.

Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Typeface

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badhousebold font