Email required Address never made public. Click on the windows icon and type in ,”device manager. What I found is that I did not require to do anything other then as specifically noted in my Data logging instructions guide included with the kit. After installation on a PC, locate the winaldl. Even if you do not have IE or Chrome or mozilla open. Send a private message to Bill USN


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Winaldl on Vista and Windows 7,8

Select the Compatibility tab, winalfl the Run this program in compatibility mode for checkbox, and then choose Windows XP Service Pack 3 from the dropdown list.

Even if you do not have IE or Chrome or mozilla open. Then pick a specific USB port on the laptop you plan to use. But there is a way. And right click on the text and go to properties.


So this is where most people just give up. You can open it but it won’t read any signals. Just a little feed back on this.

WinALDL Software « Moates Support

Jan Member Number: So the deal is, if the computer “thinks” the device is working properly, it wont list that tab because it doesn’t wan’t you to mess with it per say. Because 3 signals need to be converted to two wires. After the drive, a log file will be saved to C: Find More Posts by Zaedster.


Be patient with this. And it May show these tabs on some computers, ignore the different format, its all the same.

Last edited by Zaedster; at Generally, anything higher than indicates a lean condition, while anything lower than indicates a rich condition. You are commenting using your Facebook account. The important things to note. And this is what it looks like if it has the advanced tab. Something has obviously gone south and to figure-out what is going-on, I ordered a cable from OBD Diagnostics so that I could hook my computer up to the engine and get some real-time feedback.

Now open winaldl Select configuration toggle com port to match the port assigned you should get an OK in the box.

How to Use WinALDL in Windows 10 – IH PARTS AMERICA

It is really hard to explain this because I would try one day and it would not work and then one day it just worked. At least in the case of Excel, the import wizard takes care of everything with its default settings, and you just have to click Next a few times, and then Finish.


By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. I upgraded one of my win7 laptops to win10 just to see if it would work.


By just looking at a few areas, you can quickly determine how well your engine is operating and — when there is a problem, the data can tell you what the ECM is seeing and where the source winalvl the problem likely resides.

The Suburban is failing for high hydrocarbons at idle — about ppm vs.


Learn to do it right. It will remember your configuration settings.

Burban Build

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Winaldl must be installed directly to the C: This should be the window you should see.

Change all parameters to what you see on the screen. Plug in the cable and when you see the icon at the bottom of the screen telling you it’s loading the driver, click on it and it will give you the status and will tell you what and to which comport it is loading.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. Click on the windows icon and type in ,”device manager.