Easiest solution would probably be buying Relevanssi Premium so you can use the pinning tool: Create custom excerpts that show where the hit was made, with the search terms highlighted. Learn how to use Relevanssi. Glad to know it can be done. Relevanssi needs to index both, and then you can use parameters to restrict the different searches to different results. I actually did get it figured out. Each document database is full of useless words.

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Seems strange to sell a Search product, then not use it yourself.

Very grateful for your attention on the matter. Try to use how?

User manual – Relevanssi

I have my search results page now giving suggestions. Search result throttling relevanssi premium improve performance on large databases. Is there a way to display a different page when there are no results found for a given search?

Sorry for the delay, we had to temporarily deactivate Relevanssi to meet the dead lines. Except for one small thing. Security Scanning Regular, automated scans of your site for malware, threats, and hacks. Looks like a problem with your search form, if the search term? Hi, first of all — you have a Premium license, which gives you access to Premium support.


Installation Install the plugin from the WordPress plugin screen. If your hosting setup has a limited relevanssi premium of space for database tables, using Relevanssi may cause problems. If your WP has more than 30, posts to index, Relevanssi is probably going to be too heavy and cause crashes and blank pages unless those posts are very light on content.

Requirements and compatibility In general Relevanssi works, if WordPress works. If you can post your search results template in a pastebin somewhere, I can give some hints on how to fix it. Can you relevanssi premium of a way to work around it? Relevanssi is built for smaller scale.

Assign extra weight relevanssi premium new posts.

Is there televanssi period of relevanssi premium I have to wait? Advanced filtering to help hacking the search results the way you want. Most impressed by your fast response. Basically, their inverted document frequency is really low, so they never have much power in matching. If you have a large site A word of warning: Your email address will not be published.


Is “relevanssi-premium” safe?

He responded to all my questions immediately, and I mean immediately. To uninstall the plugin remove the plugin using the normal WordPress plugin management tools from the Plugins page, first Deactivate, then Delete.

Relevanssi premium, new posts should be automatically indexed when relevanssi premium are saved. I re-indexed to make sure it picked up the rules. All the little words that appear in just about every document are completely useless for information retrieval purposes. Lifetime upgrades and support.

You relevanssi premium to add a taxonomy parameter in the search form, and a different one in the knowledge base search. Donate Would you like to support the advancement pfemium this plugin? Index the contents of shortcodes. Thank you for the prompt response. Nothing obvious that comes to mind. Learn how your comment data is processed.