This will not put me off this author and I will continue this series. She seemed to be so unapologetic about her role in ruining Temple’s life. The story was a little light on the investigation…I mean they never found a body or touched on how the murder could have even happened. Dec 05, Karen rated it it was amazing. He is one of the 4 owners of the Angel gaming club, and wealthy as can be. I thought she handled everything in the only way she could. Temple shook his head.

no good duke goes unpunished epub

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no good duke goes unpunished epub

Unpunushed her in front of God and London. Sarah Maclean should be ashamed of herself for this awful bullshit. This was a bummer as I had been enjoying this series, but I am not calling it quits. This wasn’t a very large room, after all. So, while Temple is out for retribution, over time he began to actually like and adore Mara. His stepmother-to-be, heiress Mara Lowe, had disappeared without a trace, and he was presumed to be her killer.

I Destroyed Your Life: From that day onward, he became The Killer Duke, and soon, Temple. Mara is one of them.

Sarah MacLean

And he was covered in blood. She seemed to be so unapologetic about her role in ruining Temple’s life. So the “Killer Duke” turned to a life of street fighting until duie became an owner of the infamous well in this world at least club The Fallen Angel. Nice little nod to her other series.


By this book, the clues have become more unpuinshed to the more discriminating readers. It will take every bit of his strength to resist the pull of this mysterious, maddening woman who seems willing to risk everything for honor She faked her death well she didn’t really mean to fake her death to get away from a marriage she didn’t want and a whole host of other “secrets. I don’t care how many good works one performs in the years following a betrayal like that, you can’t come close to making up for what you did, especially when you attempt to continue the vile manipulation of an innocent man whom you wronged.

no good duke goes unpunished epub

Mara goes above and beyond righting the wrongs she did to Temple. I’m so sorry that due to society’ false conviction of you as a killer which was my fault in the first placeyou were ostracized and branded the Killer Duke.

Yet within a few days he was ready to give Mara an amazing BJ.

Sarah MacLean eBooks

It felt false and had me going, “oh, please”, without much sympathy. The emotions are tumultuous. As Mara kept reminding him and readers I have adored and beyond loved everything I’ve read by Sarah MacLean, thus far. I have never, ever felt so much anger and helplessness and frustration as when I had been falsely accused of something I did not do. View all 23 comments. Repetitive in some areas as usual yes but still angsty and slow burning.


So my end feeling: For one, I didn’t really like Mara for most of the book. Though Temple hadn’t expected for that to happen. I don’t know why I’ve waited goos long to read this book??!!!

Download No Good Duke Goes Unpunished ebook {PDF} {EPUB} – video dailymotion

The more unpunshed learns about Temple and The Fallen Angel, the more obvious it is that the smart thing to do is to just tell him about the funds for the orphanage being part of what Kit gambled away. So – I did like the book. View all comments.

With no memory of that fateful night But I like Temple.