But unlike a regular system folder, an archive can be configured in a number of ways to display its contents the way you want. Choose how you would like to modify the field. The template editor will open. To enable conditions, select the checkbox Only if the following condition is met. When captioning files using the text editor you can jump from one field to the next using the Tab key. Fill in the product key exactly as it appears on your license card, in the email you received or as it is listed in the license center you can copy and paste the key for easy entry. The right-click context menu, in particular, provides a host of useful functions to let you easily arrange and modify the items that you add to your editor.

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FotoWeb fotostatio an archive agent for each archive in fotostation 7 full system, which makes it very easy for applications that integrate with FotoWeb to find files, get previews and download these files. The archive with all its settings can then fotowtation saved as a file which can be imported on another FotoStation workstation in the network.

By default users are allowed to delete files in the archives, However, by changing this option you can make it impossible for users to delete files. When captioning files using the text editor you can jump from one field to the next using the Tab key. Then make the necessary changes to the template. Follow the directions below to deactivate FotoStation on your old hardware and activate it on the new machine:. If your fotstation have been configured to use secure connections you may not be able to connect to the server over a non-encrypted connection.

Right-click the archive that tull want to export, ful choose Export settings in the context menu. To disable access to fotostation 7 full actions when this archive is open, click on this button.


Click on the button to create a search query. To utilize fotoxtation full potential rull this feature we recommend connecting FotoStation to an Index Manager search server, since Index Manager gives you added benefits such as synonym searching and word stemming. Always apply this sort order when archive is opened: You can choose between Clear Field clears all metadata in the fieldAdd to previous content fotostation 7 full the information you choose after any existing information in the fieldReplace all previous content overwrites any existing information with your new informationAdd substring fotostatioh previous content makes it possible to add information to a field directly after a specified string and Replace substring in previous content lets you replace a string in the specified field with another string.

Editor Items contains a list of all the XMP fields in your metadata configuration. To preserve compatibility with older versions of FotoStation, when using the Import function you can still import the old binary IPTC files extension.

Note that a browse and search limit can also be set on the Index Manager server, so the only reason why you would want to change this fotostation 7 full in FotoStation is if the client appears to have trouble coping with the large number of files. When you start FotoStation on your new machine, you will be asked to activate your copy fotostatipn FotoStation. Macros can be imported from.

Then click on the New button to create a new archive.

Configuring Archives

Hence you may have to adjust the properties of the Rich list view under the Views node in the configuration. File filters are use to control which file types Fotostwtion should include or exclude in thumbnail view.

A list of available archives will then be listed and let you choose which one you would like to connect to, as shown to the right. Select this option and choose a view type from the dropdown list to set a default view type for the archive. Exported text macros will be stored in XML-based format with fotostation 7 full extension.


This is the case with the data mining feature and Search dialog, among others. When performing operations on files in FotoStation, such as editing files or printing them, FotoStation writes a log to the History metadata field. An alternative way to connect to the server is using its assigned SSL port number to specify that you want to use a secure connection.

To ensure that folder paths are correct on the fogostation workstation, you should make sure to always use UNC network paths in Windows when entering the path fotsotation the archive properties. If you need to download FotoStation again, go to http: Should you choose to back fhll your configuration these icon files will also be included in the backup set. You may also modify the filters or create a custom filter from scratch by changing one of the unused filters. Default character set used for saving Fotostation 7 full text: If you do not fotoshation users to be able to drop files into fkll archive or to save files in the archive using e.

Configuring Metadata

In other words, a template must always contain information. Listed under the Display templates node are the templates used for displaying the metadata of certain fields in the text panel below the image area in FotoStation Text info, Fotostxtion info and Camera infoas fotostation 7 full as the files used in the Rich List view namely Rich List1 through Rich List4.

Simply open the More options dialog and select Use same behavior as File Explorer