And we all piled up on the bus and we just went from state to state rapping. This site uses cookies. And, so there was this wrestle in my heart about what a man is, and what is a man of God? Just different things like that. He is the rapper formerly known as Pro, and is also part of crews R.

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So I had a great example of what being a Christian is like. It takes you to the good places of the city, and it takes you to bad places of the city.

Minorville (album) – Wikipedia

And you know the inner-workings of radio. Do you have a preference between being a solo artist and being in a crew like derek minor minorville It was really good, I just kinda, really was being myself and, watching the Lord put it on his heart to tweet it, it was really dope.

You are commenting using your Facebook account. So a lot of times people will put me in this box as this southern rapper and — I love southern music, I love heavy music — but I also love the musical stuff. But we can have remnants of that now, if we put our heart and our trust in God.


Derek minor minorville want to make it the equivalent of I have a two-year-old at home. From the black guy, the white guy, the Australian guy, the American guy, the African guy, this whole globe is broken. And I like my clothes fitted. So I did that for, probably the first two years of college and I just saw the vanity in it.

I love this steakhouse! The whole idea, if you walk away with anything, walk away from Minorville knowing that everyone is broken. Yeah that record was dope. Derek Minor is making huge waves in the Christian hip-hop world at the moment.


Yeah it was crazy! Everybody has a ville. You are commenting using your WordPress. We have the opportunity to engage people that are broken and hurt and the people that the world has dsrek.

So all I did [with] Gimmiederek minor minorville I wanted to paint a picture of what just our cultures today look like. He sends his son Jesus to fix the world. I could pretty much dissect the whole mindset behind a lot of songs — or at least what I think it is — and the process because I create music. God is the one who is fixing the earth. It really was nice. How derek minor minorville you Derek?


His latest album Minorville has just dropped worldwide, and I got to chat to Derek all about the album. So it minorgille be 90 degrees [Fahrenheit] outside but it felt like degrees outside because of the humidity.

I kinda took you the long way through that but… Sam: So, ah, it was cool that he tweeted it. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Man, if you guys bring me out there I would love to tour Australia.

Interview: Derek Minor talks Minorville – Reel Gospel

minorvill Like, he wants us to keep pushing and keep fighting for a nation that is in love with God rather than a Godless nation… The whole idea of the IGWT record. Was that a bit surreal? How do you, as a Christian, find a way of enjoying mainstream hip-hop but still stay grounded?